Sunday, September 16, 2007

Are you ready?

Are you ready for the spiel about Jazzercise? No, this is not a paid commercial. I am not an actor, I'm not being paid. I'm not an owner, I am not an instructor. What I am, is a believer! Ok, that's a little much. I have been going to Jazzercise regularly since 1994 (I think). I went whenever I could during grad school, then regularly through the time my Mom died in 1997. I just truly believe that being in "good" physical health is one of the things that helped me most while hanging out in hospitals and then recovering from grief. I continued to go to Jazzercise through the years, while pregnant with both my kids. Again, I think that Jazzercise is what made it possible for me to deliver (naturally) both my kids with a fairly quick rebound into my "old jeans".

Jazzercise first, is over 35 years old. It is a fitness program that uses current music and a few dance-type moves to make the exercise fun. It does incorporate pilates, yoga, kick-boxing, and weight training. The people that attend are all different ages, body types, fitness levels, etc. We have a few guys who come (one rides a Harley! he's so much fun!)

People attend class in shorts and t-shirts, or long shirts, or long sweats, or short sports bras, or whatever they feel comfortable in. You show up, do what you can, have fun, and feel better the rest of the day.

In terms of CROCHET, I often crochet while sitting on the floor (ugh) or sitting in bed (yuck) and my posture is terrible. I often get kinks in my neck, strain in my shoulders, and twinges in my elbows. I go to Jazzercise, and it goes away. I loosen up, work it out, and go back to my bad habits when I get home.

That's the lecture on Jazzercise. I love it, I do it, you should try it. (I know it's not for everyone, really, do what's right for you! But really, do what's right for YOU!)

To find a class in your area, (the first class is usually free). go to and click on "find a class".

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