Friday, November 28, 2014

Learn to Crochet Lace is now available!

Today my "Learn To Crochet Lace" video class is live and ready for purchase/'s been a long time in the making...and I am happy to say, I am pleased with the results! When I started working on this special video project with Annie's, I had no idea how much work it would entail or what to expect...but, here we are a year later and the finished product turned out great! This is definitely not your average "shot in a basement" video - this class was professionally filmed in Annie's studio with top notch production, high quality cameras, and a full set. There are 13 segments in the video and I start with the very basics; we start out discussing materials, supplies, and tools - then we talk about how to read a chart, how to prepare your supplies, and how to take your first stitches. This video class is perfect for a beginner, as well as a seasoned needleworker that wants to brush up on their skills and knowledge.

Annie's online classes include downloadable and printable class projects in PDF format in addition to the online video content. The six exclusive projects that accompany my video class.

I go through exercises on how to begin working a hairpin loom, how to turn it and loat the stitches. I show you the techniques you will use in the Gentle Waves Hairpin Scarf.
Project number 2 is the Elegant Hairpin Stole.  The next set of exercises I show you how to weave the loops togheter to created a fun and addictive braid join.

Project number three is Broomstick Lace Triangular Shawlette. 

The fourth project is a Broomstick Baby blanket using groups of 2 strands instead of 4 and integrates traditional crochet rows.
The fifth project is the Sunbeam Lace Bruges Table Runner. Learn how to make strips, arcs, arches, waves and join in multiple ways all to create beautiful Bruges Lace projects.

The final project caps off your learning with a terrific Bruges Tunic. Worked from the top down in figure-skimming lace.

Basic crochet skills are helpful for this class. (If you need a basic brush-up or start learning from the beginning, I know another great class... Learn to Crochet)  Annie's online classes can be viewed at your convenience, 24/7, 365 days a year from any mobile device - both tablet and non-tablet (but classes are best viewed on tablets or computers)...and they never expire...also, there is an "Ask The Instructor" option, just in case you need to ask me a question while you are learning. This class will also be available from Annie's on DVD in the very near future.

You can see a Class Overview and the Introduction video for free by visiting: and clicking on the links in the "Free Preview" video.

Thanks for letting me share about my new class. I'm truly excited about this one and think you'll have a great time learning about these techniques and following along!

Monday, November 24, 2014

November blues?

It's been a hard November for so many people. The snow and cold temperatures brought 5" of snow to our neighborhood and the kids' have already had their first day off of school.  I still had pumpkins out from Halloween.  We didn't carve them this year so they were intact.  It's really pretty gross, what happens to a pumpkin when it freezes... then thaws... I don't even think the chickens would eat it in that state.

We lost 2 more chickens :(  One apparently of some natural cause the other to the circle of life, becoming food for another animal.

I began crocheting a "quick scarf" as a teacher gift... but now it's going to be in an upcoming issue of Crochet! I just can't design without writing it down and using it for business...

I'm still making slow progress on Chief's improvised black and navy (yes... black and navy) striped blanket. It's slow going because it's really hard to work on after the sun has gone down at 5:30 pm.  It helps if I put a white sheet on my lap then the dark work on top.

Are you planning to crochet any holiday gifts this year?  (There is NO WAY Chief's will be ready by Christmas... maybe next Christmas...)

Oh! Chief won second place in his soccer league and his team got to go to the State Tournament where the season quickly ended.  Still, he pointed out, that this is the first trophy he ever earned... not just one for participation. Yay Chief!