Monday, February 1, 2010

Yarn Weight Question

Debra writes:
Can you direct me to a place where yarn weights are explained? I understand sock (;-) but DK, aran, etc… have me stumped. Also, it would be nice if examples were given name brands or?
Any help is appreciated.

Hi Debra,

I'm still confused on some of them. Sometimes I think, by feel, a yarn is a 3, but a company calls it a 4. Anyway, here are two links that will help. First, CYCA yarn standards is what all the US yarn companies are supposed to be following. It's a great go-to site for hooks/needles, garment sizing and yarn sizing information. Look on the left bar of the page for "yarn weights".

The second site is Yarndex. You can ask it to search yarns by weight and it will list them. It's great for finding comparable yarns.

Still, there is no substitution for swatching. Even different colors within the same yarn might swatch up a little differently. Hope that helps!

Above, is some pretty Avocado Sportweight Alpaca by Blue Sky Alpacas. I'm going to be thinning my stash about starting tomorrow. This lovely duo will be part of the stock reduction sale.

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Jelibe said...

do you know, you must have been reading my mind. I've been trying to sort out what yarn I need to make a Tunic but with the pattern having US yarns and me being in the UK, I need a substitute. Sometimes its confusing when they don't mention the weight (just the brand), so thank you for the links, I shall be saving them to my bookmarks :D