Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Giveaway!

Because you all leave such kind comments.... (I love the questions too...) let's do a little Valentine's Giveaway! Just leave a comment on this post between now and Sunday the 14th at 12:00 noon Eastern Time and you will win your choice of one of my PDF patterns. If you make me rhyming poem, you'll get your name in the drawing twice. If your rhyming poem has the word 'crochet' in it, I'll put your name in 3 times! This is going to be so fun! But, if you're not verbally creative, a plain ol 'hiya Ellen' will get your name in the drawing.
PLEASE put your city along with your name in case I get multiple comments from people with the same first name. :)

The list of available PDFs is on my Ravelry Shop page.

Because I'm offering a PDF, anyone, all over the world can enter! The winner will be announced on Monday's Yarn Monday post.

Above, is the Igloo that the Captain, the kids and I made all day yesterday. As you can see we didn't finish until dark. We had to have a neighbor (a tall neighbor...) come with his son to help with the highest parts. We have 6-8 inches right now and expecting another 3-4 tonight and tomorrow.


Carol said...

this is fun

Crochetin is fun
You can do it on the run
Pleasure by the ton

Ha! not only a poem, but a haiku!!
Count me in.

April Creates said...

I love to crochet,
I love your Riverstone Vest.
I love your blog,
Better than all the rest!

April Garwood from Edmond, OK

azbelle said...

Go Crochet all day
it makes the blues go away.
Happy you will be
at all the pretty patterns you will see.
Sweaters, caps, she's got them all
Go Crochet, you'll have a ball!

Sandy in Tucson, AZ

Ghost said...

Hi Ellen, I had to give this a don't laugh.

a poet I'm not
but I'll give it a shot
my forte is crochet
hooks, do me betray
my hand starts to itch
so I work at a stitch
till a square does appear
and my skein disappears

Susan said...

Hi Ellen!

That's a sharp Igloo!!! Looks like fun was had by all.

~ Susan

Molly said...

I'm Crocheting My Best
With My Worsted
I hope it will pass the test.

Although it's not the greatest
I do enjoy my crocheting
I've chosen your bestest
The Chullo Hat and Gloves,
Now all I need is to be winning.

Crocheting My Best With My Worsted

TripletMom said...

Whether it is knit or crochet
could there be a better way
to say Happy Valentine's Day?

fracksmom said...

To Crochet a Go Crochet
A feat of great joy!
A chance to raise the bar
A challenge to Crochet

I love your blog, and i have a couple of your patterns on my wish list but if I win I would want the pattern you are going to do for the CAL

Barbara said...

That really is one awesome igloo Ellen!

I know there's a way,
We can all try to crochet,
Each and every day
As we go on our way
To make the world better each day!

Flippin, AR

Anonymous said...

There once was an igloo so white
It shone in the middle of night.
Building it took all day
('Twas not made with crochet!)
But it sure was a beautiful sight!

Miami, FL

Miranda said...

I love to crochet! I do dish cloths

Ellen Gormley said...

Astrid wrote:

Horizon Tote,
that's the one I vote.

tanya904 said...

I'm not a poet but here is a little ditty for Valentines day

A Note to my hubby,
This year don't buy candy, and roses never last
The gift that is sure to make my heart beat fast
Isn't fancy perfume, but some yarn for my craft room
This Valentines day, dear husband
Please give me lingerie ,
So that I will look sexy while I

~Tanya in Florida

Aslo said...

To sit still
Is a nay
for my heart wants to crochet.

Oh what to do on Valetines Day?
Maybe to crochet?

Ohh how I want Zoe's One Day.
But must be patient today
'cuz to this descision, I have nothing to say.

Wow, that was hard. Sorry for the grammatic and spell mistakes, English is my 2nd language :P

Have nice Saturday!

Sandie said...

I may be too late for the drawing but couldn't resist my try at a poem. Sorry for the awfulness!! LOL Not my forte.

The days are long but I have a friend
Who helps me through until the end
My crochet hook with skeins of yarn
Keeps me going until I'm torn
Between the thought of 40 winks
Or finishing up that row - where's that link?

Oh no, I've found another pattern
I think I could crochet my way to Saturn
With tired fingers and a sleepy eye
I'm game to give it the college try
But lo and behold my body refuses
And my brain insists on sleep so confuses

When the time is long and the frogs are ripping
I think it's of the sandman's drink I'll be sipping
This poem has gone on far too long
Perhaps I should not count on a career in song!
But say a grateful thanks to Ellen
For this safe little place, and the great stuff she's sellin'.