Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Showstopper conversation an update...

You remember my previous posts on how to push a design from fine to GREAT. I think that I need to add one. A great EDGING can push a design from fine to Showstopping! Read the previous discussion here and here.

I'm having a hard time finding examples, maybe I should re-think this? Any nominations?

Speaking of Nominations, the CLF (Crochet Liberation Front) group on Ravelry is taking nominations for the 2010 Flamie awards for crochet blogs, books, projects, designers, hooks, yarns, etc. If you are a Raveler, get on over there and nominate!

Yesterday I finished the first "draft" of a little purse. I call it a 'draft" because I need to re-do it! If it had turned out great it wouldn't be a 'draft'. I'm calling it the 'amoeba' purse, and one day I might show it to you as an example of how crochet evolves (I hope!)

Thanks all for those purchasing yarn and purchasing the 50% off Mini Felted tote and tutorial. The Blue Sky Alpacas is in process of purchase and the Simply Soft in yellow is purchased.

Above, is me with our newest Nephew. Last week, they were in town from Florida. This little guy and his two older brothers. In the photo, I'm wearing the skinny version of the Tunisian Scarf from Inside Crochet #5.


Crochet Friends of Stamford said...

What a cutie!! I think Auntie Ellen should give him some crochet to sport in his next photo! Have a great day :o) Haley

Bindu said...

I added your blog in the "Blogs I love" section of Bindu Blogs. Hope you like I am giving you a link. Thanks for the blog. I love it.