Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CAL Advanced Shawl details

Originally, in the photo, this shawl was 56" x 15". I'm re-writing the pattern for the shawl to be 60" x 18" and in the PDF, I'll offer details on multiples for how to adjust the length and height yourself. The old shawl 56" x 15" used 4 balls of Caron Spa which is 251 yds/skein and it is a 3/light weight yarn. I'm hoping to re-do the shawl myself during the CAL. In the photo I used the Misty Taupe, but I think when I re-stitch it (bigger), I'm going to use either the Ocean Spray or the Green Sheen. In the bigger size, I'm going to buy not 4 skeins, but 7. Remember to plan on having some extra for swatching. I also used an I/US-9 [5.5mm] hook. JoAnn's has Spa listed as $4.99 per skein as of today. Herrschner's has it listed for $4.49 per skein. If you are familiar with the Yarnsandmore Yahoo group, she has it listed as $4.00 per skein with a 3 skein minimum, I don't know if there is a return policy. Here's the link to the Yarnsandmore group. (I have no affiliation with Yarnsandmore, but I've used the group before several times and had a great experience. Jean, the owner of the group can be contacted directly, send me an email if you want her address. Make sure you find out an estimated shipping time, because it may take a little longer than ordering through a chain-store website).

Of course, you can use any yarn you wish, but if you go with the Caron Spa, those are some options.

The Pattern PDF is going to cost $5.00. There will be MANY photos in it and support here on the blog. I will not be giving out pertinent information about beginning chains and multiples here on the blog, it will be in the PDF. April 1, after we begin the CAL, the price of the PDF is going to up to $6.00. This is to offer you, blog readers, a discount, and to balance out the amount of work it is for me to photograph and support each step along the way.

I'm still hoping to begin the CAL on March 15th. I hope you will join me! Wouldn't it be great to see a bunch of these shawls walking around CGOA's National conference in July? Nevertheless, if you join me in the CAL, please do your best to take photos and post the project on Ravelry if you are a Ravelry person. I can't wait to get started!


Crochet Friends of Stamford said...

I'm definitely in! Can't wait for the pattern. I'll probably hit Michaels or AC Moore because I have a hard time waiting for shipping to arrive (lol)! Have a great day :o) Haley

Ghost said...

It is going to be a f un CAL and I will be here for sure.

Mary Sarah said...

I'd love to join in. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I would love to be part of the Cal I don't have a blog but I am on Ravelry. I hope AC Moore carrys the yarn.

stufenzumgericht said...

Before joining the CAL, I'd like to know, what the "advanced" means?
I'm an intermediate crocheter and if "advanced" means, that it is difficult to crochet,it won't be the right project for me.
Greatings from Germany,