Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Advanced Shawl CAL- What is Advanced?

Good question!

In this pattern there are post stitches put in weird places. In the pattern there will be photos illustrating exactly where they go! There will be both Front and Back Post Treble Crochet stitches. Also, there are stitches that I call: dc3tog over 5 and dc2tog over 3. Usually, when you do a dc dec, (also known as a dc2tog), you insert the hook to begin the stitch in the indicated st and the next part of the stitch goes in the next stitch... but in this pattern, you skip a st before doing the second half of the stitch. So it's still a dc2tog, but the feet are spread straddling a skipped st. I think there is a photo of this too. The dc3tog over 5, is very similar, it's just a dc3tog but the legs of the stitch are spaced out skipping every other st.

This pattern is great for a CAL because you can have as much support here on the blog that you might need! Also, there is like 14 photos (all sized down so the file isn't too huge) illustrating all the points. If ever you wanted to do an 'advanced' anything, now's the time!

I'd better get back to working on it, 3/15/10 is coming up soon!

I've decided to do my Whisper Wrap Advanced Shawl in the purplish color Berry Frappe 0006.


DianeG said...

This sounds very do-able for me and will stretch my skills! Is the pattern available for sale yet? Thanks, Diane

stufenzumgericht said...

Hi Ellen,
thank you so much for this very good explication and now I think, that there's no better than trying it.So, I'll join your CAL, hoping, that I'll get a little bit of help, when there will be problems. Sorry about my English, I hope, you understand what I write. Have a nice day!