Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Go To scarf

My Step-mom's friend asked for a scarf using Priemer yarns that she had chosen at the fabric store. It was a super-bulky weight, I forget what it's called... so I whipped up a Go-To scarf using an N hook. It took less than a day and it's crossed off my To-Do list! As you already know... the pattern is available for PDF download for $3.00 at my Ravelry Store. Also at my Ravelry store is the Riverstone Vest pattern that our Valentine's Day winner, April, chose as her prize!

Also, above, we got 7" snow yesterday and are predicted to get another 3" or so today. That's on top of the 8 or so we got last week. Above is a photo of the table on our deck. I can't recall having this much snow in probably 15 years or more. I seem to recall we had a huge amount one year when I was in college. Anyway, we have a record for snowfall in February, something like 20". I'm kind over it. The kids are home again today.

Congratulations to Anna, Matthew and baby Zoe! Zoe, for whom the "Zoe one-day dress" was designed for... was born on Friday to happy parents. They are all doing well. Unfortunately they had to travel home from the hospital in the middle of this near-blizzard situation. Best wishes to them! Hi Anna!


Crochet Friends of Stamford said...

Congrats to the happy family! On this day last year, our last baby girl was born also amid a lot of snow! Got to love those winter babies!!! Here's a question for you to ponder on this snow day - I love the go-to scarf but what is your go-to yarn? Do you have one that you grab before all the others? Or maybe a manufacturer - or maybe you can't say so as not to offend anyone :o) Have a great day! --Haley

Anna Bananas said...

Thanks Ellen! I'm just getting around to checking blogs - warms my heart to see your post :-) I'll let you know when we'll be out at the library so you can meet her!