Monday, February 22, 2010

Our new babies...

There is no yarn sale Monday this week. Maybe next week. Look back to past week's though, because much is still available. The bigger lots of Caron and Bernat are gone.

Look at our new babies! The Captain brought home these baby chicks. They will be egg-laying chickens in several weeks, but right now they are 1 and 2 day old babies.
This is Chickee holding her chick, "Chickee Jr" is what she named it.
This one is my chick, I named her "Mrs. Poole" after a sitcom character back in the early 1990's. She's yellow right now, but she is a Rhode Island red and will likely change color as she grows. Mrs. Poole was a red-haired lady with a boufant hairstyle and a high-pitched voice.
Here is Chief and Chickee, so excited when they first arrived. The chicks have to grow over the next several weeks before they can be moved outside to a chicken coop that Captain is building. Then they will be egg laying chickens. I'll keep you posted on their progress. :)

Oh yes, we have a cat. The chicks are safe in the basement where Charlie has always been forbidden to go. Plus he has no claws and only one tooth, but we'll still be really careful and not let him near them.


DianeG said...

Hi Ellen!

Love the chicks--I'm enjoying fresh eggs from my friend's chickens--soooo much better than store bought!

I'm interested in the Cascade Fixation (both lots/colors) and the Nashua Creative Focus Worsted Blue Pine. Are they still available? Thanks a bunch!

Crochet Friends of Stamford said...

Those chicks are adorable! My Princess got to watch eggs hatch in her preK class last year - such fun. Looking forward to updates on their progress. Have a great day and welcome new babies! :o) Haley

crochetcollection said...

Aw, I love baby chicks :) we've been raising chickens several years now and my favorite stage is always the babies. They're SO cute and fuzzy!