Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Sitting on a blanket I made years ago is Charlie posing nicely. I made this blanket before I became a designer when I used to consume Leisure Arts Afghan books. I used pore over those books for hours choosing which afghan I would make next! This one is used daily by our family. You've heard me say before, I think we have 11 crocheted blankets that we use on the beds and couches around the house.


TheHMC said...

I love the look that cat always has. Kind of like "What. Why do you keep bothering me?" Lol..aww makes me miss having a cat.

I do that same thing! I've made so many stinkin' afghans, and I'm in the middle of a 'ghan push right now. There are so many afghan patterns that I love(I just ordered another new afghan pattern book-like I need it), that I decided that is going to be everyone's Christmas gifts. I'm back to making projects that I want to do(not that I was asked to do and then dictated what colors to use), and there are several 'ghans on the list. Including 2 of your designs, Miss Ellen. Your Brocade throw is on my list and so is another one that was in one of my mags from last year..can't remember the name now but I love it and have been needing an excuse to make it. Id better get busy though...I doubt I can make 20 afghans this year, but I need to stay busy at it to try!

Sara said...

A few years ago I banged out 6 afghans in four months for Christmas presents. I have 2 afghans of my own, one the cats sleep on and the other is on my bed. We have three ripple afghans that Grandma did and they are used everyday too.

Recently started on an afghan (I have made three of them in years past) and for some reason what should have taken me 30 hours is taking me much longer. I had forgotten how long they take and how heavy they can get.

Sam said...

I say you can never have too many afghans - nor make too many afghans as others love getting them as gifts or donating them to charity. Friends of mine for whom I have made blankets use them all the time and I have three at home that I rotate through the seasons.