Thursday, October 16, 2008


These are some dresses that were worn by a family of little girls somewhere around 50 years ago, lovingly crocheted by the mother, without a pattern. This is really common that we run into crocheters who are expert stitchers who have never read a pattern and don't know how. The craft gets carried down from generation to generation just like a story or a song from eras before.
The owner of these dresses recalls, that the mom would frequently change the color of the ribbon (3.5 yards of ribbon) to change the look of the dress. Also, she sometimes would change the color of the petticoat the babies would wear underneath the airy dress to match the ribbon. Can you imagine how cute that must have been? What a treasure! Look at the stitch patterns, a granny square style dc-3 groups for the bodice and the skirt and sleeves are just a simple shell with chs in between. Very, very clever.

A sincere thanks to Mrs. H. for letting me borrow the dresses for a few days so I could share them with you!

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