Friday, October 17, 2008

Crochet and Chat, meeting 2

Meeting 2 of the Crochet and Chat at the library was this week! We taught two more people how to crochet, and helped this lovely lady who already knew! Susan M came and visited with us. Hi Susan M! She is making a beautiful afghan out of Malabrigo wools.
Here is LibrarianAnna (on Ravelry) who is our librarian and co-teacher and sign interpreter extraordinaire. Anna here is showing Susan K about making a flat circle. Sorry to catch you with your mouth open, Anna.We also had two new friends join us, Julie and Rachel, who both learned very, very quickly! This meeting, I was very glad that I taught myself how to crochet left-handed! Boy was it hard switching back and forth, back and forth between hands to give everyone the best view, but I'm so glad you all were patient with me. I think it worked pretty well.

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Susan said...

Hi Ellen and Crocheting Gals!

That was good crochet Class / Meeting. I enjoyed it. Can't wait til November ... :-)
I'm waiting for Malabrigo to come in the mail so I work on that blanket some more. We'll be needing it on our bed soon with this cold weather coming.

~ SusanMarie1956 on Ravelry