Thursday, October 30, 2008

Qualities Editors/Buyers love in a guesses

What Editors/buyers probably like in a designer:

1. When the designer... delivers on TIME.

2. When the designer... delivers on TIME.

3. When the designer... delivers on TIME. (or early even, LOL)

4. When the designer... makes a quality, attractive, creative project.

5. When the designer... writes an accurate, concise pattern in the correct format.

6. When the designer... follows the given instructions about the tone and function of the item that's needed.

7. When the designer... communicates well with the editor/buyer in a timely manner about any wrinkles/problems/complications that arise so that they can be fixed early rather than scrambling at the last minute.

Of course, these are all about when you have already been commissioned to do a work. I'll need to think about the things an editor/buyer probably likes in a designer who is submitting...

Also, coming soon, The Rev Sc or Crab stitch shown for left handers.

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