Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Qualities I LOVE in a buyer...

I work with so many great people. These are some things I love in an editor/buyer:

1. I love it when my editor/buyer... gives me lots of information: It helps to know, what is the theme for the project/issue... what is the function of the item going to be?... who is the project intended for...(boy, girl, neutral?, teen, etc)

2. I love it when my editor/buyer... answers my questions quickly: Sometimes, I want to be sure I'm setting the right tone with a project, and a quick question and a quick answer can solve the issue and help me keep working to get the project turned in ASAP.

3. I love it when my editor/buyer...let's me be involved in the tech editing: Either by letting the tech editor email or call me if she has questions or showing me a PDF of the pattern so that I can look it over again before it goes to print.... I LOVE THAT. Not only does it help make the pattern better and more accurate, it also teaches me the pitfalls of writing patterns so that I can continue to improve my writing skills.... I LOVE THAT. (I've written over 100 patterns and there is always more to learn).

4. I love it when my editor/buyer...tells me where the item is going to end up: 'cuz I just like knowing where my babies are...

5. I love it when my editor/buyer...says something nice about my pattern: because first, I'm a praise junkie, and second because editors/buyers are so busy, if they take the time to say something nice, that is really, really cool. (yeah, I know, if they bought it, then they like it, why do I need it said also? This is what Captain would say. LOL)

Tomorrow, I'm guessing what Editors/buyers like in a designer!

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