Monday, October 6, 2008

Designing with a paper pattern

Did you know that some designers make a paper pattern for their garment? Yep. Get the really big pad of grid paper that is 1 square = 1/4". You'll cut your paper to the exact dimensions and shaping you want. Then crochet to fit the paper. I generally don't do this, but if I want help visualizing where the shaping should go in relation to armholes and necklines, it's helpful. I find that I am a very concrete learner and it helps to have something in my hand that helps me see what I'm trying to create.

Some designers take their paper pattern and make a fabric "muslin" and sew a garment out of fleece or other midweight material to help them construct the garment.

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Northside Knitter said...

I've known some to use traditional sewing patterns for garments to help shape knitting patterns. While it made sense to me as a seamstress, I never have taken the time to do this myself....I would rather gamble that the shaping is going to work based on the pattern.