Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Handmade Birthday card

from Grandma Glenda! Isn't it sweet! Does anything make you feel more special than a handmade birthday card? Except maybe when your 7 yo and 5 yo kids throw you a surprise birthday party! I knew the kids were trying to make a surprise birthday party for me, Chickee was cleaning the house, and Chief was cleaning his room. They were tying yarn on the staircase as "decorations". But I really didn't think that Chickee could pull it off! She tricked me several times telling me that she tried to get a party together, but it was too late. And then, everybody showed up (at our house) bringing dinner and salad and dessert and it was alot of fun. (And Chickee and Chief got to play with their cousins, no ulterior motive More on the birthday present I bought for myself in another post. Here's a hint.... I shopped victoriously!

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