Thursday, October 23, 2008

Designer Profile: Lisa Pflug

Would you believe I asked Lisa these questions almost a year ago and I'm finally getting around to publishing her answers! It's been so long that I asked her to check it over to make sure it still applies! Lisa is a very talented person in multiple areas, not just crochet. Here's a little bit about her:

How long have you been crocheting?
I've been crocheting since I was about 10 years old. My mother and her friend took my sister and me to a couple of lessons where I made a fishnet poncho for myself. It's funny that those are now back in style. I've been crocheting ever since, teaching myself from books.

What's your favorite technique or item to crochet? I'm a bit dull - I like traditional crochet best and I like to crochet scarves and afghans. One thing that excites me about crochet now is that with all the fantastic yarns available, crocheting is like painting with texture. The color and texture combinations I can make are infinite. Now when I am inspired to create something, I can usually find yarns to fit my idea. When I was a young teen, I only had about 10 flat ugly colors of itchy acrylic yarn to choose from at our local store. What a different world it is today!

When you crochet "just for fun" what do you choose to make?
Usually things that I don't finish. I like to make baby clothes because they are small, fast projects and adorable of course. Now I rarely stitch anything from a pattern and instead stitch simple scarves and purses and hats for fun, using whatever combination of yarns I have available and strike my fancy at the moment. I'm just as interested in the color and texture of yarn as I am about the pattern. I'm definitely most inspired by colors.

Do you have a favorite yarn? hook?
I love bamboo yarn for a garment. I like the earthy colors of Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice yarn, and it is soft and afordable - great for afghans. I've also been a fan of Caron's Simply Soft yarn for years. It's has a silky sheen and good drape for an inexpensive yarn. I just wish it came in more color choices. I'm not partial to any kind of hook. I just need several in every size since I leave them in bags with my multiple ongoing projects.

When/where have your items been published?
I started designing about 4 years ago when I joined CGOA. I've had my designs published in books. Only a few have been in magazines, and I'd like to try to submit more to them. I've tended to publish in books mainly because some have allowed email submissions and those are easiest for me to do. I saw that Crochet! magazine asked for email submissions recently so I have a few designs about ready to go to them.

Your website and Etsy address of course...My website is, and my etsy address is The Miss and Lou in MissLisaLou is for 'MISSissippi' (my home now), 'LOUisiana' (my birthplace).

An interesting tidbit about yourself unrelated to crochet? I don't know how interesting it is, but in addition to my jobs as a scientist and part-time crocheter, I run a mail-order antique rose nursery ( I stay pretty busy. Doesn't everyone who crochets? You can always squeeze in a little crochet while you are doing something else!

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