Monday, July 28, 2008

Un-sold designs, part 2

On Friday, Norah left a comment that I could sell un-sold designs on Ravelry or directly to crocheters! She's right! It just goes to show that sometimes I get tunnel vision and don't see all the obvious possibilities. Many times if a design goes un-sold, I give up on it. In reality, some buyers will allow you to submit the same design again later (a few months, the next year) because maybe the design will be more appropriate later. I have had one instance (just one) where an item was rejected but when the buyer began a new project, she e-mailed me and specifically asked for the item she had rejected several months previous. She said that it wasn't right for the earlier project, but would be perfect for her current project. (That was a shocker!). Sometimes it takes up to 3 years after a project is "born" before it is adopted into the right home. I probably said this months ago, but it bears repeating, that sometimes a project is rejected several times by several different buyers before one of them finds the perfect fit for it. One such project has gone on to be one of my three most "favorited" patterns on Ravelry. Ah, sweet vindication!

The photo is Chickee and Chief at the Ohio River on the 4th of July. We see the river everyday but rarely get down to it!

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