Saturday, July 19, 2008

Playing Hook-ie

We took a last minute trip to the "beach". The nearest reservoir that is! We had a great time and got too much sun. Here is Chief and the Captain burying Chickee in the sand...

And here is Chickee in all her Mermaid glory. She had to sing like Ariel to break the spell!
I brought my hooks, some yarn and a sketch book to the beach, and didn't even pick it up.
Here's an obvious tip for you... whenever you want to learn a new stitch, make it out of inexpensive cotton, make it squarish, and by the time you have learned the stitch/pattern, you'll probably have something big enough and appropriate for a kitchen rag. Might as well make your learning count for something you can use, right? This is why I love the leaflets for "dishcloths" because while I don't really want to make 30 cheery dishcloths, they are great little "studies" for learning skills and techniques with minimal time commitment and expense.
Monday, I hope to have an adorable photo of my new friend Hazel, with her big sister, Lucy.

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