Saturday, July 26, 2008

Things that don't sell....

What do I do with things that don't sell? It does happen! Well, the first thing I do is put it in a box and forget about it! But really, I keep the idea, the notes, the stitch pattern in tact. Because there is a possibility that I could re-make it later, when a fresh approach hits me. Or, I could recycle the stitch pattern. I keep it for a laugh later.... I think about why it didn't sell. Was it just a poor design? Is it outdated already? Has it missed the window for trendiness? Could it be improved? Has the yarn been discontinued? Do I like the concept well enough to re-tool it, or am I sick of it and wish I had never wasted the time? Really though, if something doesn't sell, I can usually find an element from it to help me with another design later.

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Norah said...

Could you put them up for sale on your blog, or through Ravelry? Just because magazine editors might not accept them for their mags, doesn't mean they have no value. It might just mean they're not right for that particular mag at that particular time. But some of them might see them on your blog or Ravelry and they might be just the thing we're looking for.