Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Frogged a WHOLE garment

This is all that remains of a garment I made almost two years ago, and I never wore it because it didn't fit the way I wanted it to. But, I know so much MORE now, I'm sure I can do a better job the second time around! So, I un-wove (is that a word?) the ends, took off the closures, and frogged that thing in 5 minutes flat! How many hours did it take me to make the first time? Enough that frogging it in 5 minutes is annoying. Oh well, The yarn is still lovely. I'll give it a few days to rest before I dig in and make my recycled item.


Doris said...

Been there. Done that. No regrets. Remember, no time spent crocheting (and un-crocheting) is ever wasted. :D

CN said...

I've been there too, just not with an entire garment! I tore out a whole back of a huge coat one night because the hemline didn't look right, and I figured I could do it better a second time...just like you! But that back is finished now for the second time, and it happens to be the sweater coat you're keeping me motivated to finish!!

Thanks for your encouragement! =)
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