Friday, July 11, 2008

sneak peek!

Hmmm, what could this possibly be? It's PURPLE, that's for sure. It's the cool kind of purple that reminds you of grape Popsicles or grape Nehi soda. I actually had a grape "huggie" drink yesterday. Do you know the little kids' drinks that come in a clear plastic "barrel" and have the foil lid that you have to peel back? They are basically sugar water and they come in blue, red, orange and purple. (I've never seen a yellow or green one?) Anyway, we were having pizza with friends by the pool and the mom had brought all varieties of pop, but I don't drink pop, so I had a "huggie" instead. I have no idea why I call them "huggies" is that the name of them or did I just make that up somewhere along the way? Just like for years, my brother and I used to call Chee-tos "Corn-curls" but you have to say it really fast so that it sounds more like "kern-kerls". Oh yeah, back to crochet.... never crochet while eating Chee-tos, unless you are working with a project that is already orange.

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Doris said...

I understand that one may successfully eat Cheetos while crocheting if one uses chopsticks. For the Cheetos, not the yarn, :D