Monday, July 14, 2008

Sneak Peek

Oh my gosh, is this the most boring sneak peek in GoCrochet history? I assure you, it's not a boring project, it's even a little...wild. I spent the weekend getting organized. April, May and June were seriously busy, crochet-wise. This means that all my organized charts and lists were all completed with less diligence. This weekend I went through my "books" to make sure that I know where all my submissions are, cross-referenced my lists so I don't send out the same submissions to the same people. I checked current submission calls and their deadlines to see if there was anything I could send out or if anything sparked my interest. And now, I am all caught up. Publishers are now looking at winter and Holiday items. I really, cannot get interested in holiday items right now! So, I'll try and ask myself the question, "What Holiday item would I love to have?" Because generally, if I design something that I would love to have, then others might love to have one too. Of course, if a buyer buys it and keeps it, then I don't get to have it after all. Ironic isn't it? Now, don't say, "you can just make another" because I'm really not good at making the same thing twice and I get busy with other things and it rarely happens.

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