Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rubik's cube

Did I tell you this story already? I can't remember exactly when I learned how to crochet, I think I was about ten. My Great Aunt Margaret, lived next door and she used to crochet doilies and I assume other things as well. I know she probably taught me a little. I don't know if she also taught my Mom? At some point, my Mom learned and taught me. The first project I ever remember making/designing was a granny square Rubik's cube. It was popular back then (the first time it was popular). I made a granny square in each color and sewed them together and stuffed it like an amigurumi. I don't remember any stuffing coming out, so I don't know exactly how I did it. Later, around 13 or 14, my Mom and I made a granny square afghan together out of scrap yarn for my Grandmother. Then, I believe I didn't pick it up again until grad school when I was around 22? And I've been crocheting almost daily ever since!

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