Friday, November 30, 2007


At the right, you can see "another favorite" it is a FREE PATTERN on Coats & Clark's Website. Get it HERE. If this link doesn't work, go to: choose "needlework" "crochet" "free projects" "tv projects" and I think it is on page 7.

Have I ever told you the story of this afghan? I made it when we were still living at our old house, it was August, it was hot. The only place I had to lay out the whole thing to assemble it on a diagonal the way I wanted, was up in the third floor attic of our mid-Victorian home. I had one big fan on me, but the little triangles were too light, and were getting blown by the fan, so I assembled the thing with NO FAN. Whew! I can still feel how hot it was up there! You know, the kind of hot where you feel like your lips are swollen with burning by just breathing!

Here's photos of the whole thing.

This photo is some of the other color schemes that Coats and Clark thought might impress. This project was first seen on NeedleArts Studio with Shay Pendray.

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Anonymous said...

The coats and clark website no longer exists. Is the triangles afghan available anywhere else online?