Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gauge Worksheet

Some designers do their gauge math on Excel, but I don't remember how to plug in the formulas to get the math to work out. You see, when I was in college, and I took what was "Lotus" at the time, my class met on Friday mornings at 8am. I wasn't much of a partier, but I am a sleeper, and I'm sure that while I was present for the majority of the classes, I may not have been fully awake.

Ok, back to the subject. I have a 'Gauge' worksheet that I use when I am trying to figure out the math on a swatch to determine my stitch counts for the project. It looks something like this:

Gauge Worksheet

Project Name __________________ ID #__________
Stitch reference: _____________________

Swatch #1
Yarn: _________________________________
Hook: ________________________________
Size: _________________________________
Rows: __________________________________
Sts: ________________________________

Row gauge = # of rows/swatch height = ______ =X 4” = ____
St gauge = # of sts/swatch width = ______ X 4” = _______

Each row is what fraction of 1”? # of inches / rows = ________
Desired height ___ / this fraction ____ = # of rows needed.

Each sts is what fraction of 1”? # of inches / sts = ________
Desired width ___/ this fraction ____ = # of sts needed.
Comments about drape, sleaze, squishiness, and softness: ________________


Robyn said...

what a good idea to organize all your design notes! It must be so easy to pull then out if you need somthing. I admit I'm a total mess with my notes- it a bit like reading braill. Only the talented can.

Ellen Gormley said...

Thanks, I am very organized, generally, though you might not know it from my moats and piles of books and yarn...but all my papers are very organized!