Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Part 2

What perfect weather we had for Trick or Treating! No snow, no rain, it's was slightly crisp, perfect! The top photo is from left to right, our niece (we'll call her Ann) in the ghost costume, then Chief, then Ann's brother (we'll call him Michael) is the buff SpiderMan, then Chickee.
I made Chief take off his mask so I could see his handsome face.
Chickee is wearing a crocheted poncho! I made it a couple of years ago for Halloween, and it has worked out great...mostly. She can wear regular clothes and just throw the poncho over the top and she's warm! Which comes in handy when in Ohio in October. The thing is, I made the poncho, then after it was all finished, she decided she wanted arm-holes through the front. warned, this is the scary part...I CUT (gasp!) holes through the fabric and attempted to stitch them secure with sc around the openings, for the sc, I reached as far into the fabric as I could, and held my breath. It lasted about 5 minutes and a 18" tear rent through the front. Ugh. So I whipstitched that together like a really bad scar, and it has held now through 2 Halloweens. I figure all the odd stitching gives it character, and no self-respecting witch would wear a pristine cape/gown/dress anyway? Say it with me, "As long as Chickee is happy...everybody's happy". And she must be, since this is the second year she has worn it!

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