Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chickee Crochets

Chickee's school PTA is sponsoring a "talent show" but they are including visual arts, as long as the entry is no thicker than 3/8". So, Chickee wants to do a crochet project, but since I have her using a "N" hook and worsted weight yarn, her project is much thicker than the limit of 3/8". I think she ought to submit it anyway, don't you think? How many crochet items do you think are going to be submitted? The teacher said that they are just discouraging sculpture and thick collages because of the limited "wall space" in which to display anything. We can pin her project to a piece of foam core/poster board and it should be ok. So here's a photo of her working on her project...notice she is changing colors all on her own! I only showed her once and she got it!

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