Saturday, December 1, 2007

Chief's funny story

I don't get to talk about Chief much, since he doesn't crochet, or wear crochet... but this cracked me up tonight....

So we get a ton of junk mail including credit card offers that come with plastic, "faux" credit cards. Well, Chief wanted to keep one and his Dad told him, he's too young for a credit card, but Chief wanted it anyway. I told him he would need a job, if he was going to have a credit card. Chief says, "I already have a job!" "You do?" "yeah, I save the world!" (He's really a superhero in disguise, but "world" doesn't come out as "world", it comes out more like "woirld". ) And his superhero name is "Pony Top Top the Coolest Man"

1 comment:

Kellycat said...

Why would you worry about putting Chief on your blog? I certainly wouldn't mind reading about a super-hero weilding credit card holder once in a while. lol How cute!