Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I cast on a new project (that's what knitters say!) it's from KnitSimple magazine, the summer 2007 issue. The designer is not listed but is a pattern from Needful Yarns. I thought this would be simple enough for me...until I started! Do you see those needles in the photo? Those are 14" needles. See how the yarn is squished on those needles, as if the project is actually much bigger than the 14" needles? The sweater is supposed to be 9". Yep, that's right, my gauge is off by 5 inches! On the upside, I really enjoy the bamboo Takumi needles. They don't click as loud as the aluminum ones, though the yarn doesn't slide very well on the Bamboo. It's a toss up which ones I like better. I haven't decided if I am going to start this baby sweater over again, or if it is doomed to the UFO pile. (That's un-finished object to all of you new-bies out there). No, it's not for us, I have a friend having a baby in March.

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