Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fall has come!

I thought I'd better get this fall photo posted before fall is over. I don't understand why Summer and Winter are soooo loonnnnnggg, and Spring and Fall are each so short. Maybe it was all those pictures in grade school where they split the seasons into four equal parts of the poster. Clearly, Spring and Fall are not equal (in time) to Summer and Winter. I need to remember this when I buy/make clothes and I say to myself, "this would be perfect for Spring or fall" because in truth, in Ohio, Spring and Fall are so short, I shouldn't even bother with clothes that I can say are appropriate for Spring and Fall. From now on, only fashions for Summer and Winter. I realize not everyone reading this is in the same predicament, but still, I'm no longer going to waste my money on clothes I don't get an opportunity to wear.

The photo above is at a County park about a mile from our house. The kids and I went this past weekend to see "Thanksgiving on the Frontier" which had people dressed in period costume and using butter churns and stuff.

And here's our side yard. I was worried with the drought that we wouldn't have good colors this fall, but here they are!

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