Friday, November 9, 2007

Becoming a Designer

Here's what I recommend you do if you want to become a designer (in no particular order):
  1. Join the CGOA,

  2. Subscribe to as many crochet magazines as you can (you should support the industry and see what else is "out there", and what the editors like, you should also study the pattern writing styles)

  3. Have Internet access (yeah, you got that!)

  4. Have a decent digital camera

  5. read blogs of designers like Kim Guzman's Wips and Chains (at right), and Robyn Chachula's Crochetbyfaye (at right), and Designing Vashti (Vashti Braha) and others

  6. Complete the CGOA's Masters' of Basic Stitches Course ($75, but you'll know if you have the foundation skills required to begin)

  7. Read "Homemade Money" by Barbara Brabec

  8. Get a copy of the latest "Writer's Market Guide" (it's for authors, but this is how I learned about submission guidelines, editorial calendars, query letters, etc) Don't buy it, get a copy from the library.

  9. Make specific goals, for example, in 2008 I want to: design 3 projects and submit them, write your goals down and refer to them every so often.

  10. Gather submission guidelines from various publishers/magazines, usually the contact info is in the magazine itself,

  11. Read "Publish Your Patterns" by Nancy Restuccia, There's also stuff in there about copyright law

  12. Hire/get a friend to make a model from your written patterns, BEFORE you submit them.
  13. Then, after doing the above, ask for a mentor through CGOA.
  14. Attend some CGOA and CHA conferences, meet editors and publishers IN PERSON.

That should get you started! Remember, crochet design is a BUSINESS, if you want to be a professional, always act like a professional.

These same ideas are good if you want to become a contract crocheter or tech editor, though those are different skills and we can talk about them another time.


KBeez Creations said...

Oh wow thank-you soo much for all the information, I have been playing around with things for a while now am I'm really serious about designing.

Jui said...

Wow thank you so much... this is exactly what I was looking for. I have been crocheting and doing things from last 1 year and now wanna be more serious towards designing. Thanks a lot!

Novella said...

Thank you so Much, I just wish I know about this sooner :)