Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Quilling Part 1

I caught a few minutes of a scrapbooking show the other day... and they had on a woman demonstrating "quilling". Quilling is a way of rolling thin strips of paper into shapes to make a picture or design. I was really intrigued. It looked easy enough that it wasn't intimidating, though I knew that they always make it look easier on tv than it is in real life!

I got a book from the library, by Malinda Johnston, "Paper Quilling, Beautiful paper filligree to make in a weekend" Lark Books, 1998.

I consulted with quilling author, crochet designer, crochet tech editor, and general all-around helper, Susan Lowman. Susan is the author of "Quilling for Scrapbooks & Cards" available on Amazon.

I bought this beginner Quilling kit from Whimsiquills and Chickee and I gave it a try. The cat was intrigued too, all that curling, flopping paper, he was curious! I show you the results of our beginner foray into quilling another day, in Quilling Part 2!

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