Friday, December 14, 2007

E's Favorite Things- Knit Simple

Published by SOHO (the same group that brings us Crochet Today), KnitSimple is my favorite knitting magazine. For a couple of reasons, I buy this magazine, first, I am a new knitter and like the title says, many of the patterns are 'simple' and elegant, and cute, and do-able. Another reason I like this magazine is that there is often CROCHET in it! For years it has been the other way around, crochet magazines infiltrated by knit designs! Now there is a knit magazine with a few yummy crochet designs. So, even if you don't knit, the one or two crochet designs in every issue make it worth buying for the inspiration.

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Kellycat said...

That's a pretty good take on the knitsimple magazine. Maybe I will remember to take a looksey at it when I go to the B&N next time. Thanks for the heads up on the crochet content.