Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chickee's new dress

The dress is finished. Chickee chose the color from my stash, and since the shirt was so busy with stripes we decided to keep the skirt plain. I would have liked to put one row of yellow near the bottom, but Chickee wouldn't have it!

Of course, now that I finally got her to put it on to take her picture, she still doesn't like it and said that I could put it on Etsy, so I'm thinking of listing it there. She is 6, the shirt is a size 7, that's why it is big on her. Now, I wish I had put on the yellow stripe!

She just lost her 5th tooth! She currently as 3 "holes"! The Tooth Fairy has been very busy. Tonight, Chickee thought she saw some "sparkles" on her bed and that must mean that the Tooth Fairy must be near by. I reminded her that maybe the 'sparkles' are leftover from when the Tooth Fairy was just here a few days ago!

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Kellycat said...

Aww it's a shame she doesn't like it. I think it looks great on her. As fast as she is growing it will fit her in no time. Maybe she'll change her mind.

It's funny how much you use yellow. I do in my house alot. I think it makes me feel happier.