Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Quilling Part 3

Chickee was so excited about quilling, that she promptly taught Chief and Captain. I couldn't believe that DH was interested! He found the "Gallery" section of Malinda Johnston's book very intriguing. I think it was good for him to see the artistic possibilities. I have been joking/serious about teaching him to crochet for years, but he's really not interested. As an architect/wood worker/one-time sculptor, though, he is very artistic and appreciates art.

Our 17 yo niece came over to babysit the kids last night, and Chickee even taught her how to Quill! Dear Niece, is very talented in art and music. She made a pretty little flower with a curly stem that was very creative!

Here's a favorite thing! You're going to think I'm crazy! My guilty pleasure/comfort food/quick and easy dinner: Do you remember "Creamed Beef"? Well, I put it over the top of Cheese Tortellini instead of Toast, YUM. (I never said that I could rival the Barefoot Contessa!)

It's just processed/packaged Carl Buddig "Beef" cut up into 1/2" squares, in a "gravy" of butter, flower, milk, and a dash of Worschershire and put over the top of cooked cheese tortellini. Chief eats the Tortellini plain with no beef, Chickee eats the beef, but no Tortellini. (Isn't that always the way?) Be ready to have a gallon of water next your bedside after this dinner though! The salt content must be astronomical!

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Anonymous said...

So that's dear hubby? You must look adorable together. He probably liked quilling because more similar to building models than needlework.

My poor husband has to live with a big pile of yarn and needles sitting between us on the sofa every day. I doubt he'll ever try even 1 chain stitch, but I'd love it if he did crochet.