Saturday, December 8, 2007

New hat for me

Yep, it's a functional wool hat! It is perfect for hanging outside waiting for the school bus, which is what Chickee and I were doing when I made her take this photo, early, in the morning, with the frost on the ground, and no make up on my face, the sun in my eyes... ugh.

Here's one of my favorite things....

well, two of my favorite things! Milky Way Midnight candy bars (yum) and Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate squares with Raspberry filling. (oh my).


Kellycat said...

Oh my... I never even saw those dark chocolate squares with raspberry before. I thought they only made baking products. Now I so need to have one in my mouth. NOW!

Otter said...

Gee Ellen, wish I looked that good first thing in the morning, no makeup and sun in my eyes.
The spa purse for your niece makes me think my grandgirls would like one each.
Cyndye...fiberotter on Ravelry