Saturday, September 1, 2007


So, it's Saturday, of a holiday weekend. I'm eating my cereal, at a leisurely pace, trying to decide what to put on my blog when I hear the familiar rumble of the UPS truck over our gravel driveway, He drives along and is in the turn around and stops nearest the door. Captain (the husband) says, "your UPS Guy is here". Hmmm, Saturday, it's not my usual guy, it's the Saturday Guy. Wow, it must be really important, I think, to be delivered on a Saturday of a Holiday weekend. He approaches the door with the package, it's a small package, OOOHHHH! it's a DOCUMENT package. When I see the UPS or Fed Ex guy, I always like to guess what it is and who it's from before he gets to the door by looking at the size of package and what I'm expecting.... Anyway, a document is a GOOD sign, I'm starting to get grandiose ideas about who could be sending me a document. Is it a contract? It's not a rejection, those come in bigger packaged since the swatches get returned. Hmmm? I don't recognize the address. I open the package strip and peek inside, it's a business size envelope. My heart rate starts to increase as I think maybe it's a response to my book proposal I sent out a month or so ago. I pull out the envelope....and on it is.... a picture of golf clubs. Golf clubs? GOLF CLUBS? What the heck is this? It's for my husband. Golf! Golf is what is so important that it needs to be sent on a Saturday of a holiday weekend? I should have been an architect, apparently they really know how to plan a conference. He gets to go (for free) to a seminar in the morning, golf in the afternoon, have dinner, do a little more seminar, sleep over at a country club, golf the next morning and then come home. Who plans these things? The seminar is just an excuse to go golfing at a country club and spend the night away from home! It's probably all sponsored by a vendor who is trying to sell him bricks or something. The seminar is probably a sales pitch on their bricks. Oh well, he gets to go golfing (twice) and get a free dinner, and stay over night away from home, all under the guise of "work", and I'm jealous!

Oh, well, I'll have to plan to get Chinese Take-out that night, I love it, and Captain hates it, and I'll have to rent a chick-flick maybe something with Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts or a comedy with Robin Williams. Or, maybe I should tape a bunch of episodes of Knitty Gritty and have a Knitty Gritty marathon! Now that sounds like a good idea!

Oh, BTW, the photo has nothing to do with this story, I just feel that every post should have a photo, so here's Brocade, you can read more about it from my old blog, that will stay up for about another month,

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