Friday, August 31, 2007

Yarn Doodling

I have been 'yarn doodling' the past few days. I have come up with some pretty funky things. I don't know if I will be able to use any of them! When I doodle, I just take a yarn that calls to me and a big-ish hook, like a J or K, and I see what happens. I was doodling last night at soccer practice. A few of the mom's have started to ask what I'm working on, maybe I'll be able to recruit some more crocheters! The world cannot have too many crocheters!
I had to add a photo of Charlie. This new blog location just doesn't feel like home without him. As you can see, he has been particularly devilish lately. He usually leaves my yarn alone (unless it's wool, he loves wool). But I remembered now, when I lay out a bunch of motifs on the floor, all nicely placed so that I can see how they will go together, he loves to dive into them, under them, and roll in them. He has been attacking this project I'm making for Chickee so much, that I'm going to have to wash it as soon as I get it complete, before I let her use it. He is very drawn to it.
I have been thinking alot of our neighbors down in Mississippi, and Louisiana. There are many little towns outside of New Orleans who got slammed by Katrina, but have gotten less attention. One little town in particular is Pass Christian, Mississippi. The residents down there are still struggling to rebuild their homes, businesses, lives. Suicide and depression is very common in these affected areas. I mention them because I'm trying to keep them present in my mind and prayers.

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