Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Medallion Monster

Look at this monster. What was I thinking? This bottom photo was on my living room floor (please excuse the ends sticking out!) And it was before I completed the edging. This was the hardest pattern I've ever written. Every row is different. The count on every row is different. This Medallion Throw was in Crochet Today sometime in the Spring of 2007 (I forget which issue). , you can click on "past issues", then click on each issue, and it will show you what's inside each issue.

This afghan was originally commission by Crochet Today, Brett Bara, the editor, e-mailed me and said something like, "how about an afghan using Moda Dea Eclipse, and Curious?", of course I said, "sure". And I made the afghan and sent it in. A month or two later, I get a call from the tech editor with a question, and I find out that Curious yarn has been discontinued and it is being substituted with Moda Dea "Dream". I don't know if the tech editor had to re-make the entire afghan with the new yarn. I'm guessing that she only made a swatch for the close-up photos and they did a little photographic magic with the photos of the whole piece. I just can't imagine that there was time to re-make the whole thing. I did the math on the afghan if I had purchased the yarn myself, it was a huge amount, I want to say something like $400. I do like it, but I don't know how practical it is! I'd like to see it mounted like a doily in a frame, behind glass, hung up on some huge wall like a rose window in a church. Wouldn't that be nice?

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