Monday, September 24, 2007


I need to say THANK YOU! Something good happened yesterday, and it makes me want to say, "I'd like to thank the Academy...." But don't get your imagination all revved up, it's probably not quite as good as what you think (and probably not quite as good as what I aspire to). Anyway, I had a nice day yesterday and I think it's time to name names. So, in no particular order:

Thank you to:

Lisa Pflug for helping me with this website/logo and linking them with my blog. She is and a published crochet designer. Thanks Lisa!

Tammy Hildebrand, mentor, friend, crochet designer extraordinaire. Your unwavering support and wisdom has been more valuable than I can measure. Thank you Tammy!

Lisa Naskrent for helping me see a new perspective on gauge which has unlocked a treasure trove of possibilities for me. Lisa is also a published crochet designer and owns

Now, for people who answered my questions, no matter how elementary they may have seemed. These women have taken time out of their day to answer them the past few years...

Sharon Mann, author, artist, crochet designer,

Darla Fanton, crochet designer, teacher, leader... she also has a blog, but I'm sorry, I don't know the address. I'm sure if you google her or look her up at you'll be able to find her.

Kathleen Stuart, thank you!

Susan Lowman, thank you!

Melodee MacDuffee, thank you!

Susan Huxley, thank you!

Heidi Petach, crochet designer, author, illustrator, pianist....thank you!

The women of the SouthWest Ohio Crochet Guild, to which I am a non-attending member, but they keep me anyway....

If I forgot anyone, I apologize, but I hope there will be more opportunities to say 'thank you' in the years to come!

Here's a little get-to-know-you questionnaire that I found:

Favorite way to spend a Saturday/Sunday afternoon: Crocheting!

If you could have three wishes granted, what would they be: That my children would grow up to have faith and be optimistic. That we would always have what we need. That our family would be remembered for being "good people". (I wouldn't mind a new car and a yearly trip to Chain Link, though)

To read or be read to: To read. Right now I'm reading "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon

Do you wish on stars: Yep.

What was the last movie you watched? Ugh, High School Musical 2.

If you were blind but could some how see for one hour a week, what would you spend your time doing? Staring at my children's faces and memorizing every expression.

Best concert you ever went to? Paul McCartney was fun.

If you could learn a new skill what would it be? I'd like to be fluent in another language.

Are you a dancer or a wallflower? At Jazzercise I'm a dancer, at weddings, I'm more of a wall flower.

Do you prefer reading books or listening to music more? Read, absolutely! I only listen to music in the car and at Jazzercise.

If you could live on only one food item for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Chocolate Cake

And 6 weird things about me:

1. I like cherry flavored things, but not cherries. I like oranges, but not orange flavored things.

2. I had a cat named "Ansel" when I was a teen because I loved Ansel Adams' work and thought that I would be the next awesome photographer!

3. I know all the words to the movie, The Princess Bride.

4. I re-read all the earlier Harry Potter books before each new came out.

5. I'd rather go out to dinner than watch a movie.

6. I played soccer for 8 years as a kid and never once scored a goal.

Now, let's see if I can find a photo...

Tammy Hildebrand (left) with me at the 2006 Chain Link CGOA conference

Pam B, Diane S, and me at the 2006 CGOA conference. They are also crochet (and knit) buddies! Thank you, friends!

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