Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Glass Cozies

Glass Cozies. Does anyone use these anymore? Apparently my Mother-in-law's neighbor does! My MiL asked me to make some for her neighbor last summer. These are made of Debbie Bliss, I think it's Cotton Aran (?) in a light blue color and a light green color. I bought the yarn at the CGOA conference in 2006 in King of Prussia PA. We were living with my MIL at the time while my husband was finishing up the building of our house. Then I made a few for my MIL from Patons Katrina (which I think has since been discontinued).

My Mom used to use glass cozies. They were a stretchy loop fabric, I thought it was cotton, but I don't know. And there were about 6 of them in cool 70's striped patterns (all different). She used to use them on the bottom of her glass of iced tea in the summertime. I would used them on the tall thin Tupperware plastic cups. I wonder whatever happened to them. I remember right where she kept them in the drawer in the mint green kitchen.

Well, I don't use glass cozies anymore, (again, they were very practical, why don't I use them?) but I have started making "coasters" for around the house. The first couple were my early knit lessons. Then I made a few crochet ones. I need to photograph them for you!

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