Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Baby Basket Afghan

This Baby Basket Afghan was in August 2007 Crochet World. (See the Crochet World Magazine link under "Great Sites to See" in the right sidebar.) It is made in Lion Brand Homespun yarn in Hepplewhite. It is a unique pattern because it is worked in 3 panels. The panel thing happened because I was using the basketweave technique (FPdc and BPdc) and to tell the truth, I got bored. Really bored. So I changed the way I was doing it to make it more interesting for myself, and the pattern was born. When I am designing, I never hesitate to change my's just yarn. I can frog it or keep the swatch for future reference. I figure that if I get bored making the pattern, then readers will too. Sometimes I will even get so far as making the swatch, photographing it, and writing the pattern, then I decide that I've lost passion for it, and I "retire" it. It goes in the stack of designs that never got submitted or have been submitted to everyone I know and still haven't been chosen. So I keep them. Sentimental reasons? maybe, or to provide inspiration later. Maybe if I change the yarn, change the construction. Turn the motifs into a bag or place mat or pillow. Maybe I could change the stitch pattern with a tweak here or there. So I keep the "retirees".

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