Saturday, September 15, 2007

60 Scarves update

Here's the progress on the first scarf for Dee's 60 Scarves in 60 days challenge. I'm actually further, and I've run out of yarn. Yes, it is knit, simple stockinette stitch. I barely know how to decrease and increase and haven't really learned any new combinations of stitches yet. I chose to do stockinette and not learn a new stitch pattern because I haven't knit in a few weeks, and since I'm new anyway, I figured I could use the basic practice. I like the way this super bulky yarn is working up fast on size 13 needles. Of course the sides are curling, though you can't see it in the photo. I was going to add a crocheted edging to fix the curling, but I have to hunt down some more yarn. I should have known that would happen, but I was trying to use a yarn out of my stash. People always say that knit uses so much less yarn than crocheting, I was curious how long one skein would take me.
I have other projects pending on my WIPs list, I have to:
add an edging to an afghan and add it to the pattern.
sew a pocket onto a tote bag and write the pattern.
sew a strap onto a different tote bag and tweak the pattern.
assemble a stack of motifs into a project (I can't tell you! I wish I could!)
write a different afghan pattern out from my notes (which I'm dreading)
I started a bolero jacket from Crochet Today, but I just don't know about it....
Of course make more scarves for the challenge!
And I have several things in my head to design...some sketched out, some not.
My list has been longer in the past, it has been shorter. I've got a soccer game today, so I'll take something with me. Maybe an afghan, it's getting down to a frigid 67 degrees today! Compared to our 100 degree summer, that's going to feel cold. I already have jeans on. The first jeans of the fall!

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