Friday, November 2, 2012

Crochet Designer Tip

My tip for aspiring crochet designers...Here it is... are you ready?

Let it evolve.

That's it.  Don't rush it. It doesn't have to be perfect on the first try. Let it evolve. I'm talking both about your crochet career and about individual projects.  Thoughts?


Ghost said...

that is an inspirational thought.

Anonymous said...

I focus mainly on knitting but I've done some crochet designs too and my career was unplanned and has evolved naturually which has been good but there are times when I wish I'd thought about some things before I started out such as branding, web presence, photography, and lots of other things. So although letting things evolving naturally has been good for me I do wonder if things would have been better if I'd started out with a bit more of a plan. Having said that, if I'd planned and thought it all through i may have never done it.

Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! I agree 100% You must let it evolved. and be sure to relax too. My career now is not the same as it was when I started in 1998!

Deidre Eyles said...

I agree! I just sold a design that's been evelving for 6 YEARS!! lol. It's had a few incarnations in that time and it was NOW finally ready to go out into the world:0)
As for my too has taken some unexpected turns when an opportunity came out of the blue! Things I wouldn't have deliberately sought out, but ended up being a great and very fun experience.

Amy Shelton said...

I love this! Instead of trying to force things along, try to let things just evolve naturally.

I do think it's always good to have a plan in place. The important thing is to let the plan be flexible so you can adapt easily as things change.

Amazing things have happened in the past few years, and I didn't set out to cause any of them to happen. Most of them weren't even specifically included in my plan, although they were either a result of things I HAD planned for or had an uncanny way of helping other things I had planned for take place.