Monday, November 19, 2012

Chanel Cape Revealed!

Take a look at my crocheted Chanel style cape in the new issue of Crochet! Winter 2012. It is one of the very rare times I was able to crochet with black!  (Have you ever noticed how rare it is for a model to be wearing black? Crochet just doesn't photograph well in solid black). But this red and black faux houndstooth really is sharp. :)

I made a little video of me designing this cape... let's see if I can imbed it here. It's a special 2 min video addition of "What was I thinking".   Yes, I cut off most of my face, but I was ok with that and I wanted you to see me sketching.

1 comment:

Cami said...

It's really fascinating to see a designer work out the beginning of a pattern. :) I'd love to see more of these videos.