Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TNNA Day 2

Ok, some of these are Saturday and some are Friday. Above is me with designer Linda Permann. Linda is the Author of Crochet Adorned. She also has a new book coming out soon and I got to see a sneak peek. (You're going to love it!).

Flashback! This was from Friday night. Me, wearing the Whisper Wrap, and Marly! You can't see the light blue crocheted tank top I have on underneath.

Flashback from Friday night. Me with the gorgeous Kristin Omdahl. She's beautiful inside and out! Buy her new book, Crochet So Fine! and her previous book, Wrapped in Crochet.
Kristin also has a knitting book coming out soon, but I don't know the title yet.
From left to right, me, Linda Permann, Kristin Omdahl, Marly Bird, and Simona Merchant-Dest. I'll try to get you a close-up of the lavender Tunisian Vest I am wearing in the photo. We are standing in the Bijou Basin Ranch booth.

What a busy day! Tomorrow I'll try to get you photos of goodies and more famous people.


Crochet Friends of Stamford said...

So cool! And the wrap looks awesome! I must get some time with mine today. Have a great day!! :o) Haley

linda permann said...

So much fun! I'm glad to be home, but I miss everyone already!