Monday, June 28, 2010

Book Review: Crochet Adorned

While at TNNA, I met Linda Permann, author of Crochet Adorned! Linda's concept is so timely. It is perfect timing for projects and inspiration that reuse, upcycle and use up stash! Her book includes 20 projects with both written instructions and stitch diagrams, but the theme goes beyond the projects. There are also 25 trim patterns, 16 motif designs, and 28 (that I counted) stitch patterns. But it's the theme that made me run to my closet to see what I could cut-up, upcycle, embellish or make great with a little bit of crochet magic. Many of her projects take ordinary things you might already have, (or could buy) like, t-shirts, aprons, a raincoat... and adds a little crochet something, something. (My inner editor, cringes at the idea of writing 'sumpin, sumpin'.) Many of the projects also stand alone like the earrings, belt, table mat, etc.

The projects had me saying to myself, "I could DO that!". The Floral Motif Yoke Top... adorable. How easy would that be to use an old pillowcase and make one of these for Chickee? I might even find a way to avoid all sewing! The Pretty Petals Tank... too cute. The Breezy Tunic... boho great! Instructions for how to attach crochet onto fabric items are included.

Don't be afraid of making garments anymore! Take a fabric garment that is just average and make it great. I don't know if you can get onto Linda's Ravelry page to see more, but if you can, here's the link. Then run to your closet and see what can be made new again!

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linda permann said...

Thanks Ellen! There are indeed a total of 100 stitch patterns/trims/motifs, but some are included in the projects (I originally planned on showing them all separate from t heir projects in the stitch dictionary, but the overlap got cut due to space= argh!).

Also-just to let your non-ravelry member readers know, you can see other people's projects on flickr, to:

I hope you'll have time to make something. They're the perfect time commitment for someone who already has their hands full. :)