Tuesday, June 1, 2010

All our Chicks are growing up...

This week, I have been working to finish the book. I have a few other projects that are in progress too. I keep each project and it's tools and notes in it's on separate project bag so that I can just grab one and go and have everything I need.

This past week, Chickee turned 9. She decorated her cake on her own! We're so proud of her.

And all our babies are getting their big chicken feathers. We let them outside for a few hours each day in a pen. It's definitely been warm enough!
The big coop is almost done, but in the meantime, the 2 big chickens that are left get to hang out in the yard (with supervision). No more free lunch for the fox.

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Crochet Friends of Stamford said...

Happy Birthday Chickee! What a beautiful young lady you have there - I'm sure you are very very proud of her :o) Hope you celebrated BIG and that cake looks delicious! Have a great day - Haley