Monday, June 7, 2010

Erin wears crochet bib

This is our Niece, Erin, wearing a bib I crocheted for her. Since you all are such animal lovers, I thought I'd include the photo of Henry and Samson (our dog-nephews) waiting for Erin to drop something. I wonder if they like squash?

The bib pattern is a sized-down with smaller yarn version of my Pocket Bib (Lime)

After finishing the book, I spent the weekend relaxing and completing a small project to ship this morning and working on a project that I hope to wear to TNNA this weekend. (for ME!)


Sara said...

Too cute!!!

Finished the book, huh? YAY!!! Very exciting!

Barbara said...

Erin looks like a little doll! Congratulations on finishing the book.

Hugs XX